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our virtual equipping centre is a compilation of ministry resources for starting and mulitplying missional communities.

a group of friends

"Church is a group of friends who live life together for the glory of God. When two or three gather in His name, then you have church. When those two or three seek to obey Him, then you have missional church." - Floyd McClung

  • By 'simple church', we mean a way of doing and being church that is so simple that every believer can participate and contribute to the meetings.
  • By 'simple church', we mean the kind of church that is described in the New Testament. Not constrained by structure but by the needs of the extended family and a desire to extend the Kingdom of God.
  • By 'simple church', we mean a church that listens to God, follows His leading and obeys His commands without the excessive baggage of "Churchianity."
  • By 'simple church', we mean spiritual parents raising spiritual sons and daughters to establish their own families (new churches).
  • By 'missional' we mean that the core identity of each Simple Church is to penetrate and transform society by obeying the command of Jesus to 'go and make disciples of all nations.'
  • By 'network' we mean that these churches will cooperate together (unity in purpose). They will pool finances, launch missional projects, support ministry teams and celebrate together as one in Christ.

"Simplicity is the key to fulfilling the Great Commission in this generation. If the process is complex it will break down early in the transference to the next generation of disciples. The more complex the process the greater the giftedness needed to keep it going. The simpler the process the more available it is to the Christian population." - Neil Cole

Pray with us Luke 10:2. The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few ...