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our virtual equipping centre is a compilation of ministry resources for starting and mulitplying missional communities.

friends and friends of friends

Our network is becoming a small part of a larger network of networks. The networks we connect to have similar vision and values. As a group of friends and friends of friends we desire to serve God in all ways. We aim to pray, meet, make, gather and multiply growing numbers of new believers into Kingdom life. We do this through planting simple churches, connecting simple churches, launching missional projects and encouraging innovative ministries.

By 'network' we mean that these churches will cooperate together (unity in purpose). They will pool finances, launch missional projects, support ministry teams and celebrate together as one in Christ.

Working Together
Location Description Contact
Airdrie ------- -------
Calgary NE Oikos Rob Ross
Calgary NW ------- -------
Cochrane ------- -------
High River ------- -------