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our virtual equipping centre is a compilation of ministry resources for starting and mulitplying missional communities.


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File NameFile TypeSize
15 theses - Wolfgang Simsondoc77K
Church Planting Movement - bookletpdf428K
North American Overview - Mike Steeleppt2.7M
Spontaneous Simple churches - Mike Steeleppt774K
Tom Wymore Workshop on coachingpdf449K
A Church Planting Movement in North America - Mike Steeledoc77K
Apostle Who Is A Father - Mike Steeledoc47K
Emerging Kingdom - Rik Berrydoc219K
From Leading to Being Led - Henri J. M. Nouwendoc26K
God is Bringing His New Wine - Kevin Sutterdoc25K
Harvest Initiative - Joseph Cartwrightdoc27K
House churches - Ken Stadedoc44K
Leading in the Love of Christ - Henri J. M. Nouwendoc28K
Luke 10 2b Prayer - Montgomery doc46K
New Apostles - Len Hjalmarsondoc66K
Organic Dawn - John Whitedoc182K
Power Pairsdoc99K
Proliferation of the simple church effort in North America [Resource Article]doc106K
Supernatural Church is You! - John Arnottdoc32K
Time Magazine on House Churchdoc58K
What is the church - Peter Davidsdoc54K
What is the New Covenant Relationship with God - Philip Potter -1963doc44K
Resources/Audio _Revolution_George Barna
01 Chapter 1mp3569K
02 Chapter 2mp38.1M
03 Chapter 3mp311M
04 Chapter 4mp313M
05 Chapter 5mp32.5M
06 Chapter 6mp39.6M
07 Chapter 7mp35.0M
08 Chapter 8mp33.8M
09 Chapter 9mp35.9M
10 Chapter 10mp32.8M
11 Chapter 11mp34.1M
12 Chapter 12mp34.0M
13 Chapter 13mp39.1M
14 Chapter 14mp34.2M
15 Chapter 15mp3693K
Tom Black speaking on the book Revolutionmp341M
Church in the House - Fittspdf143K
Church Planting Movements - David Garrisonpdf1.3M
Dawn Manual - Roy Wingerdpdf1.4M
Discipling A Whole Nation - J.H. Montgomery & D.A. McGAVRANdoc6.8M
Ekklesia - Steve Atkerson [Edit]pdf838K
Encyclopedia of New Age Beliefs - John Ankerberg & John Weldondoc1.1M
Fire in the Philippines - Jim Montgomerydoc461K
Garrison's CPM manualpdf1.2M
Greet The Church In Thy House - Victor Choudhriedoc655K
Houses that change the world - Wolfgang Simsondoc1.2M
Houses that change the world - Wolfgang Simsonpdf523K
Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhoodpdf1.5M
A New Kind of Christian - Brian McClarendoc170K
After My Father's Heart - Isaac Stokesdoc99K
America at the Threshold of Destiny - Francis Frangipanedoc78K
Apostles The Fathering Servant - Bill Scheidlerdoc86K
Authentic relationships - Wayne Jacobsen & Clay Jacobsendoc102K
Breaking Strongholds - Tom Whitedoc103K
Can Mainline Denominations Make a Comeback - Tony Campolodoc141K
Church for the Unchurcheddoc110K
City of Goddoc116K
Cultivating a Life for Goddoc164K
Dancing with Dinosaursdoc99K
Dangerous Wonderdoc85K
Destined for the Thronedoc94K
Destined to Overcomedoc76K
Diffusion of Innovationsdoc111K
Epic Battles of the Last Daysdoc84K
Fast Forwarddoc104K
Fellow and Other Collaborative Wordsdoc35K
Fellowships of the Heart - Chp 11 - Waking the Dead - John Eldridgedoc55K
Forty Trends Back to Simplicity - Robert Fittsdoc123K
Freedom of Simplicity - Richard J. Fosterdoc191K
From Holy Laughter to Holy Firedoc141K
Genuine Recoverydoc135K
Giant Awakeningsdoc113K
God Guidesdoc27K
God's Dream Teamdoc131K
Grace Walkdoc131K
Greek words that have Oikos in themdoc41K
He Loves Medoc191K
Healing Americadoc175K
High Impact Philantoropydoc110K
His Rule In His Churchdoc82K
House Church and Mission - Roger Gehringdoc92K
House Church Networksdoc111K
How To Worship Jesus Christdoc79K
In the Name of Jesusdoc66K
Informed Intercessiondoc177K
Last of Giantsdoc69K
Laymen No Longerdoc42K
Living From the Heart Jesus Gave You 2doc184K
Living on the Third Riverdoc56K
Lost in Americadoc91K
Love One Another Themedoc24K
Marketplace Marriagedoc93K
Maximize the Momentdoc75K
Moving in The Apostolicdoc87K
Natural Church Development - Christian A. Schwarzdoc226K
One Holy Firedoc82K
Overcoming the Adversarydoc213K
Paradigm Shift in the Churchdoc117K
Poles Apart Chptr10doc88K
Poles Apartdoc46K
Prayer Shield - Peter Wagnerdoc274K
Praying the Scriptures - Evan B. Howarddoc177K
Primary Purpose - Ted Haggarddoc98K
Rediscovering Church - Lynne & Bill Hybelsdoc123K
reggie McNealpdf104K
Restoring the Early Churchdoc153K
Seasons of Refreshingdoc54K
Spiritual Mentoringdoc220K
Spreading the Firedoc163K
Surprised By The Power Of The Spiritdoc126K
Temple Versus Household in Lukedoc115K
That None Should Perishdoc133K
The Ancient Pathsdoc111K
The Ancient Language of Edendoc163K
The Barbarian Waydoc62K
The Believer's Guide to Spiritual Warfaredoc128K
The Celtic Way of Evangelismdoc43K
The Cry for Spiritual Fathersdoc145K
The Gift of the Apostledoc109K
The Gift of Apostledoc168K
The God Chasersdoc111K
The Harvest Vol IIdoc264K
The Harvestdoc181K
The Hope At Handdoc136K
The Jesus Styledoc63K
The Last Apostles on Earthdoc166K
The Making Of A Leaderdoc92K
The Naked Churchdoc328K
The New Reformationdoc59K
The Power of Uniquenessdoc190K
The Present Futuredoc132K
The Purpose Driven Churchdoc214K
The Rise of Christianitydoc101K
The Rising Revivaldoc150K
The Sacred Romancedoc97K
The Second Coming of the Churchdoc132K
The Spontaneous Expansion of The Churchdoc89K
The Tipping Pointdoc117K
The Transforming Visiondoc208K
The unifying theme that underlies all world religions and ordoc21K
The Voice of Goddoc115K
Then the end shall come - Jim Montgomerydoc424K
Urban Warfaredoc60K
Waking the Deaddoc219K
Wild at Heartdoc164K
Bored drivingmpa2.8M
Incredible Fishing Videowmv4.9M