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our virtual equipping centre is a compilation of ministry resources for starting and mulitplying missional communities.

our vision

Our story began in 1997 while serving at a mission church on Vancouver Island. We discovered that we were not alone in our desire to experience authentic community and real faith. We have since been learning through trial and error how to live like Jesus. Each day God allows us the opportunity to grow through His personal instruction.

Over time we have connected with many people of similar vision and values. As our network grows we seek to hear Jesus' voice and follow His lead (listen to Jesus, obey and teach others to do the same). Jesus, after all, is the head of His church.

Recently God has been convincing us that there is a need for His people to work together. So we are seeking ways in which we can become an encouragement to others called by God to extend His Kingdom. Please be in prayer with us as we discover daily how to experience the joy of the journey.